Top 8 questions about ididentification cards:

  1. Is a compulsory card?
    No. But it is an important and useful tool, be it money withdrawal, shopping or a demonstration as evidence to future members!

  2. What are the costs?
    Production of each card costs $ 30 (usd).

  3. What can you pay?
    So far only in btc (bitcoin). Cannot pay with coins in backoffice.

  4. Are there any differences between cards?
    No. There are countries and shops where one card is accepted and the other is not.

  5. What is the delivery time?
    Usually about 30 days.

  6. Is it a credit card?
    No. This is a debit card.

  7. Is personalized by name?
    Not for now.

  8. In what currency are choices possible?
    Withdrawals are made in the local currency of the country where the withdrawal is made.

    You will also have other questions, but this is the selection of the most frequently and there’s have answers here.
    Currently recommended to all members to apply for the card where you will have everybody set up in the system.

ID Social Gold Coin

ID Time is Money

ID Eco Social Coin

ID Agro Social Coin


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